Title: Our Mutual Friend Installment One
Author: Charles Dickens
Editor: Anna Gibson
Publisher: Anna Gibson
Publication Place: Duquesne University

Bibliographic Data

Alternative Title: Our Mutual Friend Working Notes no. 1 in Our Mutual Friend autograph mauscript
Descriptive Title: Working Notes for Book 1 of Our Mutual Friend, ch. 1-4 (pp. 1-32 in published novel)
Author: Dickens, Charles

Manuscript Data

Repository: Pierpont Morgan Library
Identifier: MA 1202-03
Authors: Dickens, Charles
Main Title: Our mutual friend: autograph manuscript
Date: 1865 Sept. 2.
Physical Description: 1 item (ca. 471 p.), unbound ; 22.7 cm
Installment 1 Description (Scroll Down for Transcription of Notes)
Open between the bridges
- It in tow tow
The Veneerings . (Who is their oldest friend?)
their dinner-party. lay the ground carefully. Wrong servant
Late Mr Harmon Harmon
Lead up for old servant. Next No.
"Man's Drowned"
/Work in two witnesses / names: For end of story :
ship's steward - Potterson
Job Potterson
Passenger Mr Jacob Kibble
/ Work in the girl who was to have been married and made
4 Books.
1 - The Cup and the Lip
II - Birds of a Feather
III - a Long Lane
IV - a Turning
( Our Mutual Friend --------- No I.)
Chapter 1.
On the Look Out.
The man in his boat, watching the tides - The Gaffer
/ His daughter rowing - Jenny - Lizzie Gaffer
/ Taking the body in tow tow Gaffer Hexam
/ Hexam
Riderhood The rej His rejected partner, who has
this fellow's name "Robbed a live man !"
Chapter II.
The Man from Somewhere.
The entirely new people.
Everything new _ Grandfather new, if they had one
/ Dinner Party. Twemlow. Podsnap. Lady Tippins.
alfred Lightwood ? also Eugene Languid story of Harmon
Mortimer. the Dust contractor
Chapter III.
Another Man
Hexam's son.
/ charley.
Hexam's house, and the bills on the wall - old mill
Police Station.
Body "not much worse than Lady Tippins"/ also /"Eugene"
Mr Julius Hand Handford
So Harmon murder comes to be forgotten
Chapter IV.
The R. Wilfer Family.
Rumty. Majestic and monotonous female for his wife.
/ Two daughters. Bella Wilfer.
Mr John Rokesmith. cherubic husband - & allegorical wife