Wednesday 28 Oct: 1747
Sett out from our Dear Beth: about 2 Clock
Our Breth: Nathaniel & Comerhoff Accomp:
us to the Waterside & bless’d us, for our Journey
our Hearts was much melted & ashamd. We
turnd about many times to look towards our
dear Beth: where we left many a Tear
behind & blessd it. Came in the Evening
to Maqunsey pritty chearfull considering
wrote 1 letter to the Congregation & 1 to my
Thursday 29 Oct:
Went away about Day light. B Minster
went a little way with us. the B: & Sis
wishing us well in our plan. came to the
School=House at Oley in the Evening. Husseys
& Brookshes rec’d in much Love lay at
Father Limebachs. our Lamb was near
our Hearts. & we thought very often on our
Dear Beth: found one of the Children very
Fryday 30
Rain’d all the Day so we concluded not
to set forward on Acc: of B: Christian's being
so week-- Visted Fredrick Limebacks &
the Brethren in School, found all the --
Children sick of the measels. which the
child from Lancaster had brought with
Him. We advisd them to send a Messenger
to Beth: for directions & Medicines. We
got Blass to go. Wrote 1 Letter to my Dear
Brethren Nathaniel & xx Commerhof &
to my concluded to stay in Oley 'till Monday