Title: Installment 5
Author: Charles Dickens
Editor: Anna Gibson

Book 1, ch. 14-17, pp. 129-60

Settle Bella with the Boffins. Her father? Yes
also Rokesmith Yes
and establish Wegg at the Bower.
on a false scent. Yes
The Orphan? Yes
The Hexams. Jennie Lizzie? No
Hold over for
the new “book”
and the boy? No
Wind up the book I as skilfully and completely as I can.
Mem: for the No:
6 pages of the No: brought forward – 26 to write
(Our Mutual Friend. No: V.)
chapter XIV.
The Bird of Prey Brought Down.
River description (touched for the new purpose) from overwritten last No:
/ Death of Gaffer. “Father, was that
you calling me?”
/ Indication of what has become of Eugene
chapter XVI
Two New Servants
Mr and Mrs Boffin
To them, Rokesmith _ Engaged
Over the house, all.
Mrs Boffin and the faces. __ Her memory
awakened without
her knowing how.-By
Rokesmith’s face
chapter XVII.
Minders and Reminders
Work on
Detach the Secretary from Lightwood
To Brentford Mrs Betty Higden
End with Bella. Sloppy
chapter X VIII.
A Dismal Swamp.
all that besets the fortunate Man.
/ Charities
Begging letters
Projectors. Indicate Wegg, poking
The End of The First Book.