Alternative Title: Our Mutual Friend Installment Four
Author: Charles Dickens
Editor: Anna Gibson

Book 1, ch. 11-13, pp. 97-128

Take up Wrayburn
- and Lightwood?
Yes. And bring out Eugene
/ Riderhood? Yes
/ Podsnappery. Yes.
Mem: The No: overwritten, and overwritten,
and this chapter divided into two, and
carried on into No: V
(Our Mutual Friend.--- No: IV.)
Chapter XI.
The whole institution of Podsnappery, as embodied in its representative
/ Not English
All disagreeables put behind him.
/ The blush on the cheek of the Young person
A Set of quadrilles
Podsnap plate
Mr and Mrs Lammle - Lay the ground.
chapter XII.
The sweat of an honest man’s brow.
Cold Spring Evening - Wrayburn and Lightwood. Twilight
To them, Mr Riderhood - To Earn the reward “by the sweat
of his brow.”
Mr Riderhoods testimony and its corroborative Proofs
All on alfred David
chapter XIII.
Tracking The Bird of Prey brought down
Watching all night.
On the river in the Early morning
Kill Gaffer retributively - “Many a slip” for
Mr Riderhood
Bring on Eugene - Imply some change between him and
Lizzie Hexam - Don’t shew them together.