Alternative Title: Our Mutual Friend Installment Three
Author: Charles Dickens
Editor: Anna Gibson

Book 1, ch. 8-10, pp. 65-96

Work out the story towards:
Mr and Mrs Boffin’s shewing their disinterestedness
Taking Bella Wilfer to live with them
and x Rokesmith’s becoming Secretary.
Get all the affairs square, and the Boffins square
clear the ground, behind and before.
Glimpse of Wrayburn.
(Our Mutual Friend. No: III.)
Chapter VIII.
Mr Boffin in Consultation
At Mortimer Lightwood’s chambers
The Bees Young Blight
Mr and Mrs Boffin always the poor childrens’ friends. quite defying
the rich old man.
Lead up gradually, to their taking “Our House.”
Rokesmith and Boffin come together.
Chapter IX.
Mr and Mrs Boffin in consultation
Their plans.
and orphan to be adopted:
and Bella
Sketch of Curate
and wife
At the Wilfer’s
Rokesmith and Mrs Boffin come Together.
chapter X.
A Marriage-Contract.
This chapter transferred bodily from No: 2