Main Title: Our Mutual Friend Installment Number Two
Author: Charles Dickens
Editor: Anna Gibson

Book 1, ch. 5-7, pp. 33-64

Lady Tippins ? at the marriage of mature young lady & do gentleman
Twemlow ?
Veneerings ?
Progress of that artful match ? Yes - to their contract
between mature young gentleman
and mature young lady
on the Dust-ground.? _ Certainly
Harmony Jail
Or Boffin’s Bower
Cut adrift
Cast out
Turned out
Under Suspicion
Parting company
This chapter (too long for the No:) transferred to No: 3. In its stead
Chapter VII.
In which Mr Wegg looks after himself
Picture of the queer St Giles’s business
With Imaginary man.
(Our Mutual Friend. No: II.)
chapter V.
Boffin’s Bower
S. Wegg at his stall
Solomon? Silas? Yes “Our House”
Seems to have taken his wooden leg naturally
So, Mr Boffin.
Teddy Boffin?
Nicodemus. “Noddy Boffin
Lead up to Boffin’s Bower
and to “declining and falling off the Rooshan Empire
Mrs. Boffin a High-Flyer at Fashion
This to go through the book
In a hat and feathers
chapter VI.
Cut adrift.
The Six Jolly Fellowship Porters. Description
Miss Potterson
Miss abbey
She, the Sister of the Ship’s steward.
The man from the 1st: chapter - Riderhood -
Boy departs to seek his fortune “Unnat’ral young beggur!”
chapter VII.
A Marriage Contract.
Veneerings again.
Mr and Mrs Lammle.
Having taken one another in, will now
take in everyone else.